For over a century, the theory of relativity has stood as a cornerstone of our scientific understanding, offering predictions that have withstood the test of time and observation. Its success has been so resounding that it’s easy to perceive it as an unassailable truth woven into the very fabric of the cosmos.
Yet, the theory of relativity is not immune to exploration and alternative perspectives. With an in-depth consideration of our perception of time and the meaning of proper time, we find ourselves challenging the very assumptions that have held sway for generations.
In the pages of this book, we dare to look beyond the familiar horizons of conventional thought. The preface has already beckoned us towards an audacious proposition: an alternative model of spacetime, where the concept of “proper time” takes on a new significance, where spacetime itself is draped in the attire of Euclidean geometry, and where a preferred frame of reference reclaims its importance.
In the chapters that follow, we shall navigate uncharted waters, guided by the lodestar of an absolute Euclidean spacetime. The parameterisation and coordination of events will take on a new character, with time and space interwoven in ways that may at first seem strange, but in the end, reveal a fresh perspective on the nature of physics.
This book begins with a meticulous exploration of the foundational concepts of an absolute Euclidean spacetime. As we proceed, we’ll find ourselves reconsidering the bedrock of physics. Experiments once carried out in the realm of relativistic thought will be revisited, their outcomes reinterpreted through the lens of this new framework.
In the chapters ahead, we will embark on a journey through the kinematics of this alternative spacetime, dissecting its implications and drawing intriguing parallels and distinctions with the well-established special theory of relativity. We will delve into the realm of gravitation, a force that has long captivated our curiosity, finding within this new model a means to describe it without invoking the concept of curvature.
A new description of electrodynamics will be offered both from the perspective of tensors and the geometric algebra—a view that promises fresh insights into its enigmatic workings. And as this book comes to a close, we shall peer into phenomenon of intrinsic redshift, and contemplate the very arrow of time itself.

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Proper Time